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New Approach
The idea of the approach

Particular consideration
(hidden) uncertainties
(noises, fluctuations, measurements' errors, etc.)

Principle of Uncertain Future (simplified)
The principle

The probability of a future event
contains uncertainty.

1. The first consequence of the principle

Suppose we plan to test the probability value, which is equal to 99%.
Suppose the probability uncertainty value is equal to 5%.
Then, evidently, the real mean value of probability cannot be as high as 99%.

High probabilities will decrease.
Phigh real < Phigh planned

Analogously, but considering the second consequence of the principle (see below),

Low probabilities can increase.
Plow real possible > Plow planned

2. The second consequence of the principle

The total probability
of unforeseen future events
is more than 0%

Σ Punforeseen real > 0%


The present total probability
of future events
is less than 100%

Σ Pplanned < 100%


The present probability system
of future events
is incomplete.


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